Hello! Yes – you, reading this! Are you on Bebo, by any chance??

I ask, because – encouraged by how well fings’ve been going as Jagmat (while at the same time, sigh, waiting for the Guestbook snafu to get sorted so folks can send me messages again) – I’ve just today taken my first clumsy baby Tyrannosaur steps towards fixing up a Bebo profile, here.

Now, be patient with me! That page is every bit as raw and tender right now as if it really had just heaved its way out of its egg. It’s got some pics, and that old (’06) Black Tat YouTube clip of me with the strange disappearing hair (hee hee hee!) – and that, frankly, is about it for today. But it’s a start. So: on Bebo? Want to be my very first Bebo buddy? Your time starts… now.

Favourite human words of the day: GAUDY; CONNIPTION; PRANG.

Currently reading: THE LUCIFER EFFECT – HOW GOOD PEOPLE TURN EVIL, by Philip Zimbardo. And let me tell you, it is fascinating.


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