After another intensive excursion to the Stygian depths of PHASE THREE, today I emerged from my bathysphere at last and, blinking, took myself off (yes! out of the house!) to The Cartoon Museum.

The museum itself was thoroughly awesome – this was the first time I’ve been, and it’s full of all sorts of comics-related treasures. But my official mission was to catch a rare exhibition they’ve currently got on there by one of my absolute favourite classic British cartoonists, namely Graham Laidler, better known as Pont. Here’s one of his cartoons that particularly caught my eye…!

Pont’s speciality was observation, small details. Check out the expression on the face of the kid listening – the faint smile on his lips and the fact that he’s obviously utterly into the story. After spending the past month or so worrying about whether my new book would be too horrifying (not for the readers, you understand, but for their ‘gatekeepers’ – parents, teachers, reviewers and whatnot!) the sight of that expression made me feel a lot better. Bwah-ha. BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA! ;p

To anyone who’s written in to the Guestbooks this past couple of weeks, my humble apologies. My sites’ host company says a bug has developed that, until they get it fixed, will mean that anything you post might take some extra time to appear right now, and some posts may even get lost completely. How eerily predictable that this should happen /just/ when the WebSphinx and I had settled on offering the Guestbooks as the main way for people to get in touch if they want, eh? As Jack from Black Tat would say, “Typical.” 😉


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