OK! On top of MySpace, LibraryThing, ContactAnAuthor and the new Bebo spot, as of this week I’m now also on Facebook, Flickr and – my favourite toy at the moment! – LastFM.

Yes, it’s “Jagmat 2.0”! ;p

Heh. Well, anyway-! I haven’t got ’em all set up exactly how I want ’em just yet, but if you want to get in touch with me then now you’ve got a few other choices besides the Guestbooks. Like I say, leave a message after the imaginary beep…!

Favourite human words of the day: PAUCITY; INCORRIGIBLE; CLENCH

Currently reading: DMZ VOL 3 – PUBLIC WORKS, by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli. There’s been an awesome-comics-series-shaped hole in my life since Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: THE LAST MAN finished, and DMZ is shaping up for the job NICELY. Huzzah! 🙂


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