Ah, the glories of the traditional British summer…


And guess what? My roof is leaking. Again. 🙁

Well, if you’re stuck indoors with nothing to do, don’t lose heart. Here, instead, are a couple of alternatives…

First up, check out Trapped By Monsters it’s particularly good at the moment I reckon. The indomitable, inimitable, indefatigable Mark Robson has been running what sounds like an excellent series of writing workshops: if you click here and here you’ll find two cracking story beginnings. Fancy carrying on with them? Take your best shot!

In addition, if you’re artistically inclined, click to my own most recent TBM post here, where you’ll find an opportunity to dazzle the world with your monster visuals – and win yourself a signed copy of Tim or Black Tat!

Finally, don’t forget my LibraryThing Five Hundred Fine Books List. Curling up with an awesome book is, I submit, one of the very finest ways to spend a rainy afternoon. Click on the link above to find reviews and all sorts of other pointers to thrilling reading. Short of cash? No problem. Simply head to your local public library and ask for anything on that list that you like the sound of. Whatever they don’t have to hand there and then, the librarians will be able to order for you to borrow and enjoy – for free, gratis, nothing! (Aren’t libraries great??)

FYI, right now I’m flitting between Among Thieves, by Mez Packer; Dead Men’s Boots by Mike Carey and Generation Kill by Evan Wright, all three of which, in their own ways (concerning, respectively: blaggers in Coventry, exorcists in London, US Marines in Iraq) are AMAZING.

What do you know? Now either it’s stopped raining… or I’ve stopped /caring/ it’s raining. 😀


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