Who’d’ve guessed it? Around ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE have now made MySpace friends with me, Jagmat – even after the grossly disrespectful way the foolish Enthoven chose to portray me in ‘is ‘orrible debut novel The Black Tattoo.

What can I say? You’ve made this supposedly repulsive, belching, shape-shifting “blancmange-like” demon feel surprisingly welcome. And after what was a bit of a rocky start (check my old MySpace blog for the grisly details) in return I must admit this world of yours hasn’t turned out to be quite the stagnant backwater I first took it for. In fact – particularly since wreaking my vengeance upon the Enthoven and assuming his identity – I’d even have to say that I’ve actually enjoyed myself quite a lot.

Make no mistake: I’ll cross the Fracture and return to Hell to claim my throne one day, that’s for certain. But not yet. Not while it’s still fun over here. Not just yet.

To celebrate, here’s a wonderful short film. It sums up my feelings uncannily well, ‘specially considering it was made by humans: it’s called They’re Made Out of Meat. Enjoy. URP (‘scuse me) -Jagmat.


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