Hi there.

Here’s a picture of me at some unspeakable hour on the night of Friday 2nd Feb 2007:


Yeah, well: if you thought being an author was glamorous, now you know the truth! 😉 But this is what I looked like after the two years of work (and the climactic thirteen-hour-straight ‘crunch’!) that it took to complete the first draft of TIM, DEFENDER OF THE EARTH. That pile of paper I’m holding there is the very first time the book existed, outside of my computer and my porridge-like excuse for a brain…

…And now, as of tomorrow, the finished version is officially released in the US.

This is my second go around at having a book of mine published in America, after my debut novel, THE BLACK TATTOO. One would have thought, perhaps, that by now I might be getting used to the idea that a story I wrote here in my flat in north London (England) is going to appear in shops, sorry, ‘stores'(!) all across the USA. But no. A large part of me still can’t quite believe this is really happening. And the rest of me… is just HUGELY, HUGELY EXCITED! -WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Ahem: ‘scuse me. 😉

To anyone reading this as a result of my just joining the Amazon Connect program, a very happy HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY SINISTER MASTERPLAN TO CONQUER THE UNIVERSE! My apologies for all the shouting, and I promise I’ll try to write something more intelligible on this blog soon.

Meanwhile, do have a click around the special Tim website. THE WEBSPHINX and I have been working pretty hard on it: we think it’s coming together quite nicely – hope you agree!


Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Me and THE WEBSPHINX would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at the Tim, Defender of the Earth Guestbook for current or Tim stuff, or The Black Tattoo Guestbook for Black Tat stuff. First (or demon-!) names only, please. 😉