YAY! And the event onslaught continues. I’ve only got about ten hours ’til I’ve got to be back out on a train again – and I ‘aven’t ‘ad me dinner yet! – so this is gonna be brief. But today was tremendous. The main meat-and-potatoes of the day (yeah, food’s on my mind right now! ;p) was a sort of flying tour around the libraries of Haringey, through which I was ably shepherded by supreme ninja librarian Sean Edwards, of Wood Green Central Library (thanks, Sean!) At each stop, young people from nearby schools were visiting their local public libraries, in order to find out all about them and the fine reading delights on offer there (particularly the book clubs!) First up was Alexandra Park Library, for a fine question-filled session that was also (I couldn’t help noticing) attended by this dude:

Handsome Fella!

The session went so well that the librarians there kindly presented me with – I kid you not – a KIPPER TIE of all things! I’m always on the lookout for a good kipper, they’re hard to find these days, and this one with its brown stripes and all-unnatural feel is an absolute /corker/. Hurrah! 🙂

Next came St Anne’s Library, for a fine natter with some students from Crowland Primary School – another great group, full of fantastic questions.


After a quick sandwich break I did another forty-min talk, for another 24 spirited and enquiring young people, this time at Coombes Croft Library. Then it was off to my fourth event of the day, a panel discussion and talk at Hackney Museum – a special World Book Day event organized as part of the borough’s current Big Read initiative.


This was a fine affair, nicely relaxed and not too formal. The other two authors with me in the pic above are (on the left) the awesome David Clement-Davies, and (on my right) the delightful Catherine Johnson. The young gentleman on the right hand side is called Henry. While the camera has accidentally caught him looking a bit dubious here, he chaired our discussion in fine style, fielding the audience’s questions with professional panache.

This IS the book you’re looking for…!

Here (above) is a last shot of me attempting a Jedi mind trick on another young attendee, whose name was Ben. But such feeble ploys work only on the weak-minded: Ben soon put me in my place, and I had to apologize. ;p

What a day. What a week. And there’s more to come. Got to stop, I’m knackered (but happy! HEE HEE HEE!)


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