Apologies for slight radio silence, but I’ve been fixing things up. See, next week is World Book Day week – and in the UK’s NATIONAL YEAR OF READING, to boot. The Enthoven was busy last year I hear, but that was /nothing/ on what I’ve got going on this time. Listen to this:

This MONDAY marks the start of a kind of Wiltshire mini-tour. I’m booked to catch an 8.15am train to arrive in time for an all-day visit to The Swindon Academy (formerly Headlands School). After three sessions there (plus some signing and informal Q&A) it’s off to The Marlborough College, for an overnight stay so I’m in place for a couple of sessions there on TUESDAY morning. That afternoon I go to St Mary’s School, Calne, to do my stuff there. Then it’s back ‘ome to London, to gather me wits together. Because the week isn’t over, not by a long shot…

On WEDNESDAY I’ve been called in last-minute by the ninja booksellers of Tales on Moon Lane to go put my thing down for some two hundred young people at the John Ruskin Primary School, in Southwark.

On THURSDAY – World Book Day itself – I’m doing something like four appearances for class visits at various public libraries in and around Wood Green, in (my manor!) North London. And as if that’s not enough for one day, I’ve been invited to appear on a public panel discussion organized by bushido bookseller Jo of Victoria Park Books (cheers, Jo!) as part of Hackney Council’s current Big Read initiative.

FRIDAY I’ve got another all-day booking, this time at Jo Richardson Community School, in Dagenham, Essex. Should be tremendous.

Then on SATURDAY (yep, long week! but listen, this is good…) on SATURDAY, I’ve been invited to something really special. Sat 8th March is going to be the offical opening day of The Big Green Bookshop, a brand spanking new independent bookshop in Wood Green, right near where I live. For the last few months samurai booksellers Tim and Simon have been chasing their dreams of setting up a bookshop of their very own — you can check their exploits (and what a saga it’s been!) on their blog, here — and now, not only is it all coming together at last and going ahead, but they’ve invited yours truly to come and support the cause on their gala opening day. IF YOU’RE IN THE AREA, DROP BY! I’ll be there from around 2pm. Yay! Can’t wait!

I’ll keep you posted as best I can throughout the week. -I know, I know: the questions in the Black Tat and Tim Guestbooks have been piling up lately, and I WILL get to them, I promise. But I hope you’ll understand why you’ll have to bear with me a bit longer. 😉

Meanwhile, a couple of items of more-than-slightly-awesome other news…

John Jude Palencar – the artist behind the jaw-droppingly gorgeous original cover imagery for The Black Tattoo (as well as a ton of other much more famous and important stuff!) has just been awarded this year’s Spectrum Grand Master Award in recognition of his long career of glittering visual achievements. I’m /still/ gobsmacked that the humble Enthoven ended up with such a beautiful piece of art on the cover of his very first published book. But on top of that, IMHO, this award just couldn’t have been given to a nicer fella. Huge congratulations to you, John!

…And second, still with the art stakes, my very very good friend BARNABY RICHARDS has just begun a new weekly webcomic. Barnaby’s art just gets more beautiful and mysterious every time I see it. Sign up for his mailing list and keep up to date with the latest from RADBOD. You’re in for a treat, I guarantee it.

OK, that’s me done like a dinner. Catch you next week.



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