Another tremendous session, this time with the Teenage Reading Group of Stamford Hill Library (just a short walk from where I live! Hurrah!) And what a great group they are.

At the start of my talks I always explain that what’s going to happen is basically down to my audience: I have some readings prepared, sure, and I’m happy to stand there blethering, but what I like to do to keep things fresh (for me as well, I hope, for my listeners) is to throw things open for Q&A straight away. It’s a point of honour with me at these things to answer anything I’m asked, no matter how direct or peculiar. Well: some groups prefer to listen – I respect that – and some groups just take a while to warm up (I respect that, too). But this group, to my great glee and delight, obviously just love to ask questions! No less than five hands shot up straight away, and off we went. Here are some pics (thanks, Teresa!) to give you an idea of what the session was like.


As anyone who’s met me or heard me speak will tell you, when I get excited about something (which is, erm, most of the time) I tend to start waving my arms about like a big, black-clad, blonde baboon – almost as if I’m conducting an imaginary orchestra. These pics have caught that nicely. Take a look.

…And he’s off!


Look (below) – I’ve got someone else doing it now…


And now the left arm for a while…!


And… /relax/. 😉

Hee hee hee!

Well, I couldn’t help myself: the questions were terrific, and I had a lot of fun answering them. Hee hee hee!

A huge and joyful thank you to everybody who was there, and thanks, too, to Librarian Heather for organizing the session and having me along. It was an absolute pleasure.


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