When lovely Liz at blatantly brilliant blog My Favourite Books asked me to take part in her current Horror Blog Fest I was thrilled and chuffed and delighted. You can read wot I wrote here, but do click around: the Fest has included some of the finest writers of scary stories working today. They’ve certainly intimidated me! 😀

At the bottom of the interview you’ll also find details about a little giveaway Liz and I are running. To discover how to win yourself a signed, personalised UK first edition of Black Tat, all you’ve got to do is take a look!

PS: Tuesday’s event at Freedom of Expression was an absolute hoot. I took the opportunity to test out the brand new third draft opening of my new book on a live audience for the very first time: reactions included a shiver, two gasps, and a nice round of applause – very encouraging!


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