My, my, what a lot of updates I seem to be posting lately! But I’ve got to tell you about these:

First up, here’s a wonderful review of Tim that was forwarded this morning from my UK publishers. YAY!


Forget your Dark Materials, Eragons and Narnias. If ever a children’s book deserves to be given the big-screen treatment, this is it. Just imagine slipping into your cinema seat to watch a colossal dinosaur (the eponymous Tim – Tyrannosaur: Improved Model) ripping Big Ben from its foundations before lobbing it at its foe, a scientist whose use of nanotechnology has resulted in him becoming an Earth-destroying monster. Then picture said bad guy picking up the London Eye and slamming it over Tim’s scaly head. Michael Bay, are you reading this?

Sam Enthoven’s action-packed book tells the story of Tim and the two children who get caught up in his unintentional carnage (the big lug is a sweetie at heart, y’see.) Enthoven writes with charm and humour, while Tim is as loveable as any London-smashing behemoth can be. It’s a stupendous – and thoroughly British – read, but would look even better on screen. Anyone fancy whipping up a screenplay? Go on. It’d kick Transformers’ ass…

Four and a half stars out of five, from JAYNE NELSON at SFX Magazine.

You know what? As it happens, I do have a piece of not-entirely-un-film-related news bulging up my sleeve here. My lips must remain sealed for the time being, but watch this space. HEE HEE HEE HEE!

Meanwhile, take a look at the bottom of this blog post (oh: erm, for anyone reading this from Amazon, you’ll either have to check the Tim site or take my word for it…!)

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