Here are some quick pics from my first school event of 2010, namely six talks with the awesomely enthusiastic pupils of Market Bosworth High School, Leicestershire.

Here I am (above) getting into it. I’ll have you know I had to leave my eyeballs charging all night to get that maniacal gleam.

Here, below, is one of the new star of the show. The book’s not out ’til April – this is my only proof copy! – but by popular demand (a show of hands vote!) I read the opening scene of Crawlers at the end of session three.


Here’s a glimpse of post-talk signing frenzy. HEE HEE HEE!


…And this next pic gives you a pretty good idea of what a kick a terrific school visit like this tends to give me.


A massive THANK YOU to everyone I met and spoke to today. Roll on tomorrow! 😀


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