Step up and take a bow Ali from Illinois, who has sent me this spectacular drawing (below) via the Black Tat Reader Art Page:


Isn’t it great? It reminded me a lot of John Jude Palencar‘s original sketch for what would become the Black Tat Painting. I don’t think I’ve posted that anywhere before, so here it is:


You can see the art changed quite a bit between this and Mr Palencar’s final version!

My thanks to Ali for sharing this work with me (and now with you). It’s a huge thrill and honour for me if my stories inspire people to do or make amazing and beautiful things like this.

If, by any happy chance, the books are doing something similar for you, then please don’t hesitate to show me via my websites’ Reader Art pages. Here’s the one for Black Tat and here’s the one for Tim.


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