The pics from my talk at yesterday’s fabulous Leicester Teen Read Expo are… a bit worrying. Perhaps the combination of my recent Trapped By Monsters ordeal and the oncoming deadline for draft three of Phase Three is affecting me more than I thought.

I remember an excellent session, full of great questions from a brilliant audience of keen readers. But these pictures seem to tell a different story. See what you think:


Here’s one of me at the start, waving Black Tat around in my usual enthusiastic manner. Business as normal – or as close to that as I ever seem to manage. But…


Here’s one of me apparently turning into some kind of shambling zombie, animated only by the raging hunger for moist, fresh brains. And here…


…I appear to be advancing on one of my hapless listeners, hands poised to grapple, maim and rend, with the demonic gleam of battle in my eyes!

Erm… I’m just going to hope for the best(!) and offer an enormous and gleeful thank you to Ian and his team for having me along to what was a thoroughly brilliant day. Thanks, too, to awesome authors Bali Rai, Mike Carey, Ally Kennen, Keith Gray and Dan Tunstall, and to everyone else who was there. I returned home feeling inspired and invigorated. I just hope those feelings aren’t because I, y’know, ate somebody.


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