Here’s a quick pic from today’s events at South Chingford Library, where I was invited to do my thing as part of this year’s Waltham Forest Literature Festival.


I did three sessions of readings and Q&A with Year 7 students from nearby Heathcote School. There were around fifteen students in each group – smaller audiences than some events I’ve been doing lately! But that suited the space, and I think the more low-key atmosphere also led to some really terrific and unusual questions, particularly from the third group. I just had to keep remembering not to be too loud, especially in the readings!

This was my first visit to Chingford. The fact that the name of the place is so close to that of THE CHINJ in Black Tat made me grin to myself when I got off the bus. Passers-by must have thought I was quite mad. No news there, then! ;p


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