Look at this!


It’s the brand spanking new UK mass market edition of TIM, published this week!

As well as being a fair few quid cheaper than the first edition – a giant monster bargain, guv’nor! – on the back it’s also got some of the cracking comments and quotes that the book got when it first came out. My absolute favourite is the one by Finn, a young gentleman who kindly wrote a shelf recommendation about TIM for my brilliant local independent booksellers The Big Green Bookshop. In case you can’t see it above, it says:

“If you don’t like books with big scary monsters wrecking national monuments and giant cockroaches killing people, you will not like this book. I loved it.’ Finn, 12

-Thank you, Finn. 😀

To celebrate, the monsters are allowing me out of the cave to visit a school tomorrow. Yes! Out of the cave! To interact with people who aren’t imaginary! -Ahem, I’m rather excited. Unless, of course, the visit turns out to be just some cruel April Fool prank of theirs, in which case I may have to batter out my poor remaining porridge brains against one of these handy stalagmites they have here. I’ll let you know one way or the other. Well, if it’s “the other” I guess I /won’t/ let you know, but you know what I mean. ;p


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