As promised/threatened, I have a couple of announcements to make…!

The first is that during the next week (starting Mon 8th March) I am going to serialize the opening scene of my new book, Crawlers. The official launch date isn’t until April. But right here, for free, every day for (as I’m currently planning-!) five days straight, you can get a special, early taste of what the book is like.

As an online-only bonus my words will be accompanied by some extraordinary images graciously provided for the purpose by digital artist Malcolm Harrison. Here’s an extra piece he sent me to give you an idea of what he can do.


My second announcement is for followers of the Tim news page. As happened with the Black Tat news page (more than two years ago now!) we’re about to come to a fork in the road. The opening scene of Crawlers will be pretty much the last thing that appears on that blog. Like the Black Tat site, the Tim site will of course remain live for the forseeable future. But after the end of next week, my blogging activities will take place in my brand new soon-to-be-opened online home, the gorgeously creepy

So there you go! That’s the next bit of my sinister masterplan. Bwa ha. BWA HA HA HA HA! -Er, ‘scuse me, I’m rather excited. Hope you are too. ;D

Til Monday then,



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