…That, in case you’re wondering, is what I was told the unforgettable image on the cover of my new book CRAWLERS was made of. At yesterday’s Random House Children’s Books Christmas Party I got the chance to meet, thank and congratulate the person responsible, namely RHCBUK’s in-house design genius Rhys Willson.

He’s clearly a man who loves his job. ‘If you want to do cuts or wounds,’ he explained with relish, ‘then pork is the way to go, because it looks just like human flesh. As for the squid, I went down the fish-market, saw one I liked, and got the fishmonger to mash it up a bit for me with a mallet.’


Meanwhile, CRAWLERS has now received its first review, by Barry Hutchison, author of the bracingly bloodcurdling and entirely awesome upcoming horror series INVISIBLE FIENDS: hit this link – and imagine how I felt as I read that first paragraph…! ;p


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